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    Dont u dare say 1st



      Сиськожопный Вагиночлен 8Гц

        3rd? i think not

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          Part of Omniknight's success IMO in lower bracket maybe because of the bracket's picks as well. Lower 3k and below is where you see 4-5 carries more often than not, all hard hitters usually- SF, Sniper, PA, WR, LC, Ursa etc..
          Most can't do shit against Guardian Angel and no one buys diffusal blades for Omni's "built in 12 sec BKB" unless they play a Riki/PL/Naga.
          Great hero for the disorganized pub matches and delaying the game as well!

          arturo over bitches

            I just won a 2.4k ranked where we had only 1 racks left for about 20 minutes, I was omni supporting an AM, rest of our team was pretty much feeding (2K SS mid was that one guy who always uses the same build, no matter what lineup he is against...) anyway we took mid tower at 60 mins and then throned, no racks or anything, biggest comeback in my life.


              EG.Universe? The pain is too much already, just, please.


                I don't understand how omni is so OP. He's pretty much the only hero in the game countered by a single item.

                oke lol

                  68 7th

                  Stone Cold Steve Austin

                    By a single item, yeah. An item with limited charges.
                    Not to mention the timing and positioning that can make it hard for that item to be used at its full potential.

                    RIP Kabosu

                      PA is heavily countered by MKB.
                      OD is heavily countered by BKB.
                      Slark is heavily countered by Glimmer Cape.
                      (assuming he doesn't have dust)
                      Don't say "Omni is the only hero countered by a single item".

                      Il Separatio

                        I have 60.53% winrate on him :3 He's my third most played hero :D

                        @Willynilly, Omniknight is not good in delayed matches because if your enemy core buy Diffusal Blade you're pretty much done ):

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                        you all cant carry me

                          Riki is countered by dust U LIL SHIT

                          you all cant carry me

                            Don't state that he's the only hero that can be countered using items


                              why not Brewmaster?

                              Black Handz

                                That explains the omni picks these past days

                                STE 8-1-8

                                  Ok, one of the big reason why omni knight isn't drafted in pro games is because Invoker and oracle are popular, two heroes that counter his abilities without needing a diffusal blade.

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                                    On low levels it's a great hero because other typical noobs won't even know how diffusal works against omni (those kind of people who keeps using the volvo default build all the time,which can loses you alot of games especially on a very situational hero) and people there are well known for going full retard 5 hitter carry picks,so....yeah

                                    El muchacho de los ojos t...

                                      Lets supose that omnkinight or necro Get nerfed, who the fucks gonna stop spectre, sven, or juggernauts ult, or even ck or dk in the late game??? Think about that before post shit


                                        I play wisp only, but when enemy pick or ban my wisp i take omny. PErty ez to play hero and so usefull in any situation.

                                        Bread Mage

                                          Omni's strength in pubs can be mostly attributed to his ability to fuck up combat calculations. Most lower level players don't really think about what could go wrong in an engagement, only about how they can be awesome. You've probably noticed people can offended that Omni shut down their initiation, as if he were somehow cheating. People will willingly dive headfirst under tower trying to get kills, only for Purify to stop their kill, nuke them down, and help finish them off. Omniknight heinously punishes the Kill-focused pub meta, where people act like it's counterstrike. Rarely will people do something like buy BoTs en masse and just start ignoring Omniknight.

                                          Ai uehera

                                            omni is a great hero to play againts OP heroes lile spec. sven


                                              Omni is great in low pubs because when the all in happens in team fights where it is an utter mess of heros climbing all over one another guardian angel just says we win. best way to beat Omni is to just bait out the ulti and then go all in pub style. or just get a weaver and annoy him from outside the focus of the fight


                                                I held out vs megas for half an hour with aghs and refresher, nothing but the ancient was left, my team wouldn't push tho even after team wiping the other team 5 times, omni is great for holding out but can't push very well.


                                                  No wonder my Omni is my most successful hero with 68% winrate out of the 244 games I played with him. I always thought I'm good with the hero, but I guess it just means that the hero is op. Kappa no Kappa

                                                  Gold Experience Requiem

                                                    Me also have high win rate in Omniknight although I only play it whenever my instincts kick in. It is a great hero when your opponents do not know how to counter his repel which is easily countered by diffusal blade. But players at my bracket do not build diffusal blade (Yeah2x I am a 2k scrub) which makes it pretty easy for me to position myself in team fights.


                                                      This was terrible. I stopped reading after stating Aghs was a 100% first pick up on Necro. Usually love these posts but this was just horrendous, couldn't disagree with more of it if I tried.

                                                      Pointy Shoes

                                                        I love playing captain's mode as captain (below 2k mmr) and people just go crazy when I don't ban or pick omni and let the enemy team pick him. I just counter that pick with Lich: usually when omni ulti is on people just run straight ahead into Lich's ulti which destroys them.

                                                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                          ^ no wonder you are 2k


                                                            When omniknight isn't playing Dota, he's going through people's bins, the hobo!


                                                              Omniknight is OP because HE is Chuck Norris, look at his face and let this sink into you.


                                                                Take a look at my most successful heroes