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    Slark also counters popular carries such as Medusa, Spectre, Drow (situational) and Luna.


      Slark's buff was the shard which is a powerful teamfight if used correctly


        Slark's shard is incredibly broken. At best its a game winning item. At worst it's a second ultimate with less mobility. For only 1400 gold thats insane


          Top carries are Jugg, Bristle and Medusa. Those mentioned above are far from broken.

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            Slark and Luna are really bad bro xD

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              How come Terroblade is not on the list?


                2k opinion: slark feels strong in the current heal and sustain meta with tanky offlane cores - also nice to purge hex off the lion or ss in every game

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                  Honestly I feel like Jugg is a bigger beast. Might be my 2k pleb "skills" talking but once he gets a few items (Maelstrom/BF, SnY and Aghs) he's nigh unstopable. And if we're talking about the range carry meta, this guy has nearly everything to counter it: Very hard to kite through bladefury and his high MS, doesn't shy away from getting a cheeky blink and his sustain in lane is very high with his healing ward. Combine that with decent farming speed through his natural item build and a decent laning support this guy is unstopable. Beat him in lane, he'll retreat to the jungle and play catch-up there


                    One value point in Jugg's 3rd skill is already stronger than one value point in PA's ulti. It is either you burst him dead before he Omnislash you or you can just surrender.

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                      Personally, I don’t like luna in the current meta. It’s win rate in DPC is also trash. However, it has 53% win rate in pubs. Idk how, but it works in pubs


                        Luna is better as a mid than safelane imo...

                        get magic then build physical once u snowball

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                          Try this with Luna, MoM Lance Daedalus, with right situation can get by 20 mins -- crit glaives are insane and you can often lifesteal through entire team fight

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                            I'm pretty sure slark is so common/strong right now because so many tanky heroes are being played. If you're good at getting in and out you can get those stacks of essence shift up pretty high before you know it.


                              If tanky offlaners are meta why the lifestealer isnt in the list? with the change on Satanic, and having him build s&y and satanic hes so damn op.

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                                I personally likes this article, i dont know why but always the low mmr one a.k.a archon-legend that always have the most theory about dota game. But again who i am to judge