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    IMO Dazzle's shard is a must buy item.

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      legion commander's shard is highly underrated imo, grants 100% uptime to the movespeed increase and allows you to play the consistent teamfight save hero on top of your initiation role. kind of a luxury purchase but fits the lull between BKB and AC nicely

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        wyvern's shard is so good, just get arcane boot and shard then stay at dead lane and one shot the creepwave. youll get blink dagger in no time.

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          Meh expected dazzle's shard here. Aoe hex? hello?


            I think they don't like being redundant here, they have done an entire article on dazzle shard this patch


              which one did the author mean is overrated?


                Rubick shard is quite good. Omnidirectional force staff type save is powerful, or even just as a movement ability. Not to mention upgrading certain stolen abilities on top of that!


                  Personally I find Night Stalkers shard quite amazing. It increases farm speed, allows him to roam and fight more frequently, and the sudden sustain during a fight in/near a jungle camp usually throws opponents off.

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                    Still looking for Phoenix's shard, the egg Sunray is really nothing to be scoffed at either.

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                      Ursa's Shard seems pretty broken too. Should have been in the list