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    Spirit Vessel it's important item? Something new.

    Brünk Hüll

      I feel like Glepnir was always destined to become a popular item. Anything that does a big, blunt, obvious thing is hard to ignore as part of your build. BKB endures because it does something so simple and so important and so obvious. Blink dagger has NO stats of any kind and yet it's so clear that it's going to be bought. Mjolnir, with that said, feels like no matter what stats it receives, will always play second fiddle to Glepnir.

      At this point, it can even be hard to justify having both Glepnir and Storm Hammer in the game; why didn't they just do that for Storm Hammer? Did carries REALLY need their own aoe cc item?

      One Fourth of a Concubine

        Next patch needs to seriously address the amount of sustain and healing in the game. Even in the laning stage regen is less prevalent because of banner creeps, headress, support tango sharing constantly.

        Feeding Rainbow

          Why does this guy write articles? His talents are that have a primary school child.


            no nerf guardian grieves k


              "His talents are that have a primary school child."



                No mention of force staff?