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    Techies more competetively viable than bloodseeker....?

    Go home, you're drunk.

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    Captain Petarda

      Please, guys, translate this biginform-paste into Russian. Because I respect the traditions of my ancestors and do not know english . Maybe dictionary help to me . But it's not exactly.

      P.S. Read this paste with a russian accent.

      Cristi Borcea

        Pudge complete garbage? pls

        also the hook change is very nice, makes early game a bit easier

        Average Dick Enjoyer

          Hail Gaben =)))))


            tony easier to land cambo???????????????? toss will now take more time to land, so there will be less time to hit second time on avalanche((( harder


              When did Pudge stop being a good mid?


                He never was. As with everything in Dota it is arguable, but the fact that there are many heroes that can have more impact on the game in the mid lane as well as multitude of heroes which are better at doing at what pudge is doing, without taking the core role, remains.


                  " A deserved buff that does deal with her extreme survivability with the extra movement speed."

                  Typo (I'm assuming) With Death Prophet otherwise nice analysis socks C:


                    Not super impressed by this analysis. I think you should put a little more thought into your comments for individual patch notes.


                      hahahahaha I love That H A I L G A B E N thingy you did ! :D


                        pudge always strong mid..if you pick against right heroes..(not first pick like noobs)


                          brood super trash hero now appaK


                            I'm happy for the broadsword change since it makes it more viable to get it now if you're going for battlefury than completing a full perseverance (you get a lot more value if you get perseverance last while making bfury unless you are some mana starved fuck). Also i hope russians will finally stop maxing battle hunger first and to see techies and chen in pro games. Also nice buffs to Crystal Maiden, always a good thing when my lady gets some love

                            ƒ| Harley Quinn <3

                              honestly i don't think you've put enough time into thinking the impact of these changes... Kunka's xmark is a big red, a huge buff now! Support kunka is now a big thing, as he can now max torrent instead of 3 levels in xmark. Usage: Land arrow into xmark, hook, Et ulti.
                              Pudge can now be played as a roamer/ganker/support. With a smoke, he can easily now gank and/or guard the ruins for midlaners. If you were Chen player, you would know how major a buff is to have 2 creeps at level 3. Chen will be back to competitive dota with this change. Another major thing that i can know after the patch is up, would be the fact that Chen can capture the ancient golem which now gives 15% bonus HP to allies!! So this is chen included or not, in that case this is going to be another buff to Chen. And Toss increase in duration is a at least a yellow, as during toss the unit takes increased magic damage and with the 0.3 secs increase, it'll be a bit easier to use items like dagon. And hitting combo is is ofc a bit more easy now. And also a buff if you're the one tossing enemy, nerf if you toss allies (warchief, pudge, axe etc). Anyways, these are some of my comments on the patch. If you guys know some more, do share please.

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                              Jurgen Klopp

                                I agree with Paramore. Kunkka change is a big red mark for me. The thing is, both the time and the range of which x mark can be casted has changed.

                                As far as I'm concerned, there is no instant combo for killing on Kunkka with a 4 second x mark. Ie. no such thing as X mark, throw ship/torrent, throw torrent/ship.

                                Second of all, the range of x mark is critical to the combo itself. For instance, a level 2 x mark with torrent thrown and ship thrown will always result in ship being thrown a few inches behind the torrent (as ship always moves forward)

                                So this in itself, for the changes to 'x mark' will be huge for Kunkka players.


                                  my waifu dp iz nerfed kappa

                                  MAGIKARP USED SPLASH!

                                    Wait.. isn't Tiny a nerf? The combo is based on the enemy going up and coming back down to the avalanche. So if he stays in the air longer, doesn't that mean you have a narrower interval to combo?


                                      "Huge buffs to the Disruptor,"

                                      I'm not sure if you realize that "Disruptor" is his actual name.


                                        Chen : "forgotten by the Puppey and EGM". You're confusing EGM for Akke. EGM was never a good chen player

                                        ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                                          yep, more effort is needed to this. i mean people do 3 hour videos of the patch.


                                            People stop complaining that you no longer have a lvl 2 x marks the spot timer. you can still call them back to the spot earlier by pressing it again

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                                              DAT HAIL GABEN HAHAHAH


                                                What happens when u cast force staff on io now?

                                                Fugg Dota

                                                  "the hero that was forgotten even by the Puppey and EGM."
                                                  shouldn't be Puppey and Akke?
                                                  btw I love to read dotabuff patch analysis :)



                                                    Red John

                                                      What do you mean by warlock's upheaval is op!? I thought that was a useless skill. Can you explain that? I googled it and i couldn't find anything. So i am really looking forward to your respone with this.


                                                        Date of realese?


                                                          Basically it is an extremely strong lingering slow in a huge AoE that also has a rather long range. What it generally means, is that any enemy core with no BkB can't do anything at all. Fighting in that spell for the enemy team is extremely hard, since you can pretty much kite any autoattacks with a ranged hero. I think Aui_2000 used to play him competitively, watch some replays. It is a very underrated spell, especially in conjunction with some other AoE damage.


                                                            the wd faceless combo has been removed :(


                                                              im just sitting here and waiting for +6%movement speed for heavens hallbeard and 50-75% mana regen for rod of atos :(

                                                              THICC BABY SHUM


                                                                P[A]OLO!!! <Ȼ>

                                                                  EGM Chen? Akke mb?

                                                                  Red John

                                                                    Ty. You guys are the best!


                                                                      For Undying, its actually a minor buff to the early game...
                                                                      The new scaling has max damage of 180/264/364/480, whereas the original has max damage of 125/250/375/500, which makes keeping Soul Rip at level 2 and maxing Decay instead more viable, but its still not a buff to his late game.
                                                                      Granted, the extra Tombstone armor and increased damage amplification from Flesh Golem will be really nice, but Soul Rip actually got nerf'd for late game.

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                                                                        THX for this ... ;)


                                                                          i remember reading sniper having a huge change somewhere. Correct me if i'm wrong though:))


                                                                            If I remember right, avalance dmg-ticks are doubled while target is flying.
                                                                            -> buff

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                                                                              How did u guys not notice the HAIL GABEN at the top of the page. Look at the bold letters starting each paragraph (incl. title) and it spells HAIL GABEN.
                                                                              >Well Played!


                                                                                What exactly is Lina's 'Buffs' ?


                                                                                  support morphling? nah

                                                                                  Not Meowrfect

                                                                                    I think Tide's nerf was unnecessary! And also riki's buff! I was expecting a nerf for him since after 6.82 he has became so OP, i don't understand why he is still getting buffs...
                                                                                    Sorry for bad eng, not my native language.


                                                                                      ^ riki gets buff for normal to low tier players. Still not very picked in pro games. Icefrog wants riki be more picked by pros.
                                                                                      Same for tide, he is too good now for pros and almost always picked banned in pro games.

                                                                                      Ya i know it is really hard to balance for all kinds of players.

                                                                                      Same sorry for bad eng, not my native language.

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                                                                                        Don't see where Pugna fits into the meta? It's obvious! No, wait... Rubick would be more helpful in pretty much every situation.


                                                                                          Anyone alse havin problems with the eu servers? Its kick random players and there is not option to reconnect. No pts change, no match stats in dota, no stats in dotabuff. Like the game dissapeares and there is no stats.

                                                                                          RaTeD $ FoR SaLt

                                                                                            pudge complete garbage and not supposed to be a mid hero? wtf... pudge is in my opinion one of the best mids in the game. Once he reaches level 6 and gets a few kills, he can already get pretty tanky and able to get more items such as a blink or hook to help him hook more enemies for kills. In a lane, he's mostly useless, as the enemy team is able to harass him more, along with rot dealing damage to himself, too. I've never seen a pudge go top or bot unless im playing pubs and there's already someone who chose mid and that pudge just decides to feed the game by going a different lane. But that's besides the point.


                                                                                              RIP illusion and TB's illustion. This is strongest ilusion i knew. but IF nerf it, so sad

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                                                                                                lion got MINUS 7 damage, not PLUS 7.

                                                                                                That error is reproduced on many websites.


                                                                                                  The Tiny Toss duration increase just means you can shift queue the combo now if I am reading this correctly... if you were "too fast" at the combo you didn't get the extra damage I'm sure... so now you don't have to wait half a second before tossing... overall buffs. mini nerfs to tony+cent though... you see him coming in longer and with his cast time, you have more time to react ... but the combo is defo buffed.

                                                                                                  Also, pudge mid just means that if the enemy are thinking correctly they pick a mid that just sits in lane... wait till pudge does his 24/7 ganking after lvl 6 and you have the easiest free lane/tower..... My friend just wrecks in drow/dk/luna vs pudge mid line ups... keep mid warded vs. a pudge and you got yourself an easy game.

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                                                                                                  Luxalpa, Primal Calamity

                                                                                                    "More intelligence = more mana = more damage from both his autoattacks and his ultimate. A very sizeable buff which, if the hero is played correctly, can shut down certain heroes really hard."

                                                                                                    It is actually a big nerf to OD, he got 4~10 damage less in laning phase, his enemies get A LOT more mana back which allows them to destroy OD easier than ever before, and all that for +60 damage on your ulti in late game. It's clearly a nerf.