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    Vincent Adultman

      This article is pointless, you don't even give any actual counter play advice other than "it probably won't work, but you can try!". Useless.


        I don't think is an article about how to counter the zoo heroes. In fact you are just telling the things we are normally do to fight against pushers rather than effectiveness on against the pushers. You also forgot to mention about NP which literally push the lanes much effectively and zone out enemy nicely than BM. Yes he"s lacking on proper lockdown but still an insane talent since lv 10 is a serious threat. Probably change your title into something better rather than this imo.

        Kid in the candyland

          This article is absolutely useless. Everything written in this article is well known. Waste of time


            you guys are missing the point of the article, the best way to defeat the enemy is either to join them or understand them really well, if you understand zoo meta, as this article helps us to do, you will play better against them because you understand what they are trying to do.



              wtf jhin zhao

                low cd strong midgame counters zoo, such as ember




                    Earthshaker joined the chat


                      you win a lineup by out-zooing your enemy


                        Just pick sven and BB, its counter them all in once. Trust me, im a lycan spammer and I admit it, whenever my team against Lycan. Just go pick directly sven, it makes them confused whenever storm hammer + agha destroy all of their units



                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                            @4/4 A legend player actually providing more useful tips with 2 lines compared to this long ass article.


                              haha savage


                                for the people who say this article is useless , it was written by a legend 4 pleb .
                                What do you expect...

                                Average Vtuber Enjoyer





                                      POS 3 ET is the meta


                                        All you nonzoo players trying to give advice is cute. In order to counter the zoo you must first learn the zoo. Crowd control heroes work the best however most crowd control can be played around. The 2 that we cant play around are wyvern and earthshaker. CROWD CONTROL.


                                          This guy provides a in depth explanation why these summon heroes are strong in patch 7.26c which I think the article misses.


                                            I feel like the solutions to the zoo meta mentioned in this article are waaayy too basic and could be applied to practically every carry ever. Bad article. Obvious solutions would be : pick wyvern/shaker, play around shapeshift cooldown, draft insane amount of stuns.

                                            zxc 14 y/o

                                              Why let a 3k player with sub 50% wr write here?

                                              The Tribster

                                                Jesus you guys are too toxic, he didn't say anything wrong or new, leave him alone


                                                  *laughs in 1k mmr*

                                                  Gorrum Skullsplitter

                                                    bruh bruh