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blue clark

    buff am pls

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      I think a decent MS buff on the +MS from chemical rage, like 20/30 per level (50/75/100 vs (20/40/60) would go a long way - his main problem is sticking on targets, and that'd help a lot

      clown mentality

        The problem with alchemist is that people dont build armour or hp, coupled with a stun or slow, alch is so easily kited and bursted down. Any carry with a brain will just walk away from him or bash him.


          Has anyone noticed that the win rate top 5 heroes all have strong healing skills?


            @SonicMisora: Not surprising in the slightest. In pubs, there are few things better for a teamfight than a way to keep your allies alive. Also, if the Support has enough mana restoration, they can allow the Carry they're babysitting to stay in lane a very long time, despite any harassment.

            It reminds me of how the designers of League of Legends have stated that making a healing-focused Champion, Soraka, was a huge mistake, since it's so difficult to balance. Healing spells by themselves are fine, but if a character is based around them, then either their allies can stay alive too long or the healing is too weak to affect the outcome of a match. Given that Omniknight is the closest thing this game has to a White Mage, this fear is probably correct.


              gj nice article

              PS: fuck reddit


                lifestealer is not throwing hero :D

                *FarizTampan99 2nd

                  sorry can i give the suggestion for kawaishocks
                  can u differentiate it , i mean
                  win rate in 2 section , 1 section is for very high skill bracket , and 1 section is for very high skill bracket n below (high skill, normall skill etc)
                  coz that win rate in this article is overall win rate of all bracket right
                  its the reason why ferrari have very high win rate on his akasha at very high skill mmr bracket
                  but in other article akasha only have 43% win rate , especially with his almighty 1300 blink n super pure damage sonic wave

                  i know why Alchemist have low win rate
                  his HP very low and his armor very low , its combo wombo to die instantly in fight
                  a lot of Alchemist player didnt notice that , n keep buying aspd n damage item
                  if he can deal damage , he will deal super mega ton of damage , but , if he got attacked he can die really fast
                  plus , enemy 100% will not let Alchemist free farm

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                    seriously.. alchemist is OP. i think people might be playing him the wrong way. basing from the popular build tab and from my own experience, sacrificing levels from acid spray or unstable concoction for early levels of greevils greed could possibly mean a losing early game for your team and a 50-50 for mid to late game. on the other hand, giving levels to your first two skills could just provide your team with some strong (but not always reliable) ganking potential early-mid game. you could always give the jungle a late visit when you finally have some later levels of greed and lanes pushed outward IMO.


                      but lone druid? what is the matter with him?

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                          Furion, this is an opinion piece. Don't be so furious to find out you disagree with it.

                          playinginursockdrawer mm soc

                            The picture still has boner king on it D:

                            lil sunny

                              I think the problem with lone druid is the fact that mobile agi carries are big right now. Slark, one of the best counters to ld, is super popular right now and not nearly as hard to play well. Also the nerf to tower kill gold hurt a lot. LD is good when he can fight someone trying to man up or people who suck at running away.

                              EDIT: also slows wreck him and PA and Brew are popular too now.

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                              ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                                my only problem with icefrog is that he doesn't give 2 shit about pub players,which is literally 99.99% of the player base


                                  The thinking is that pub players can simply improve so that they can play Heroes as the way they are meant to be played. This is probably for the best, since it's impossible to balance characters on both low-skill and high-skill environments, so this lets Icefrog focus on one area. Of course, it says something that when Omniknight, who had a 62% pub winrate at the time, recently had his Ult nerfed, people were actually surprised.


                                    I cannot find bounty hunter on this list

                                    Florence Pudge

                                      Stop saying that BS about oracle ("support, bluh bluh bluh"). We all k ow it's wrong. And the very fact that you keep saying "this or that item is wrong", as a person who is supposed to deliver unbiased analysis, is already facepalm worthy.


                                        Oracle does NOT have the package to be a semi-carry mid. She has terrible mobility, low agi-growth, can't initiate without telegraphing a 2.5s channel, and has no teamfight. Yes, she can nuke a hero down but it's really not enough. If you want to do what people want Oracle to do, then pick Nyx and get your Dagon. (Also, have you actually tried nuking a hero and timing the purge? You have to follow up with right clicks most of the time, and you can't channel Q for long or else your target heals from your nuke. It's almost as awkward as following up on Alch's stun.)

                                        She does an ultimate that is essentially a better Shallow Grave + Aphotic Shield. I would say it's her ulti alone that makes her a better support than semi-carry. There may be a time for Oracle carry, but it's not now.

                                        p.s. btw I forget Oracle is male

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                                          @eggs: To be perfectly fair, Oracle has a pretty female portrait and looks like that blue councilwoman from Lilio and Stitch. He looks far more masculine in that Phantom Assassin contract comic.

                                          It's pretty simple to use Fortune's End and Purifying Flames together: just use the latter to cancel the channel. Still, you can't be too close, or it won't work.

                                          When I first heard of False Promise, I actually thought, "Hey! That's sounds like Kunkka's Ghostship".

                                          Nemesis 041

                                            Oracle is so in a weird meta right now, where no one can really understand where he goes. I mean his ult is good for heals, so why don't you build heals on the hero? No one really gets it, and I wish they would. I agree that a support Oracle played right can decimate anybody and everybody.


                                              sniper 3 mael/mjolh .


                                                Heals are OP in pubs, because people don't know how to deal with them. That's not representative of the heroes being OP though.

                                                As for Oracle, I've seen support Oracle done right. It's terrifying.

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                                                  again lone druid at the bottom..what is wrong with that hero i really want my fav hero to be somewhat good but that seems it's gonna take a long time
                                                  P.S. and what's the matter with SD?skill cap too high maybe?the hero seems perfectly fine and viable even in a mid role in my opinion

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                                                    Necro isn't a Carry idiot.

                                                    He's a core.

                                                    Theres a different between a core and a carry jesus christ. Timbersaw is a core, but he is by no means a Carry. Same goes for necro.

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                                                      Exactly. Some people just can't understand that there are more roles in DOTA than just carry and support.

                                                      There are 5 main roles, in order of farm priority:
                                                      1. Hard Carry
                                                      2. Playmaker
                                                      3. Core
                                                      4. Core Support
                                                      5. Hard Support

                                                      Heroes fit into any of these roles based on the current meta and how people play them.


                                                        Where's Sven in this line up?

                                                        Samitron💛 ~

                                                          honestly i wonder how many buffs necro is gonna get before icefrog nerfs him. he's pretty absurd in pubs considering his ulti with aghs(and refresher if you can farm it up) is pretty much game changing.

                                                          Jamie Oliver Chilli Jam

                                                            As an Oracle player that currently has over 70& winrate on him(currently 30 games) on 4.8k mmr. He suits well as a support. His ulti is like 3 in 1 spells( Abaddon shield, Shallow grave and Slark old ulti). I've seen people making him as a position 1 carry by making Skadi phase boots etc and it works. Soul ring is a really underrated item for Oracle. I always make it. Fate's edict is a fast way to kill roshan and disable enemy carries while amplify them physical and pure damage. This hero suitable for experienced players that is familliar with the game mechanics and heroes damage because you need to know when to use your fate's edict at your friends and foe. This hero really needs cooperation from your team.

                                                            Sorry for my english. English is not my native language.

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                                                            Sei la

                                                              There are a few reasons for Lone Druid to be on the crap tier.
                                                              1) Hard to pilot, big punishment: Yes, piloting two different units permanently is kindda nasty. And it's different from, let's say, Lycan. If you forget your wolves or just move them in the same unit group, whatever, it works. When playing LD you must often advance and attack with bear while keep your hero at safe distance.

                                                              2) No disable, no stun, no nothing... they walk and hit and that's all.

                                                              3) It's to be punished for mistakes. a Dying bear provides 300 gold, a not very wel farmed LD is really useless in the team and you must really know how to farm and contribute without falling behind.

                                                              4) It is actually weak. AdmiralBulldog said so, his counters have been buffed and overall there are plenty of other better carry options for all purposes.


                                                                That's the problem with Lone Druid - most of his counters have been buffed so much that it's so difficult to win with him right now. Plus everyone goes for midas on him which isn't always the best option.

                                                                Garket Mardener

                                                                  People are just SO GOD DAMN NOOB
                                                                  they cant diffuse repel. That's why they goddamn lose against omni.


                                                                    Long time LD player here. I think the hero is fine, but misunderstood by pub players.
                                                                    People either go jungle (being generally useless) or offlane carelessly which results in feeding. With sylla you need to WIN your lane via constant harass and roots lvl5 on. You need a lot experience with this hero to win 1v2 lanes and know how do bear pulls in a vs trilane scenario.


                                                                      Im mid nuker oracle with dagon
                                                                      And my win percentage is 67% with oracle
                                                                      Yeah i know that im just in 3,2k mmr match but if u say this is about support oracle in pub, i think support oracle is the answer why oracle get low win percentage in pub because u all neglect his nuker ability


                                                                        Is this an ok oracle item build?

                                                                        *FarizTampan96 5th

                                                                          overall its ok item build RRR , since u success to make ur teammate carry farm well

                                                                          but i think u miss mekans , mekans at oracle is like 500++ heal with ult
                                                                          plus buff ur low armor support , n buff team for +2 armor
                                                                          plus tell ur razor friend to buy refresher later -> double ult aghanim is insane , try it in custom game if u dont believe
                                                                          its very good for burst damage , and burst armor reduction , enemy will loose his armor really fast
                                                                          and if someone on ur team love to buy deso , as a support u recommended to buy medalion
                                                                          medalion + deso = around -14 minus armor , its insane

                                                                          Adra (Hiatus)

                                                                            "Necro isn't a carry idiot, he's a core"
                                                                            Nice name calling over such an insanely minor issue.

                                                                            And yes nuker Oracle can work, but your dagon oracle build will only work in your 3.2k mmr. In higher MMRs there are so many different ways of getting around it, not to mention you will basically lose against any competent mid player.

                                                                            Paper M. 親

                                                                              .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.


                                                                                No words on Brood? sure not many buffs or nerfs recently (the vision nerf isn't really worth talking about) but she is still a solid hero! yeah, u can easily use sentry wards but you are still faster than the majority of opponents, especially if you go tranquils. later you can get items that will often send her out of control especially if u use spider swarms to go jungle - when they die at least a hero wont get gold, and in numbers they can kill a LOT of things. Her lifesteal ulti can keep you alive while an enemy goes down faster: combined with her E most people will CRY especially right clickers.

                                                                                the gun of rambo

                                                                                  DOta 2 needs pit lord so badly.
                                                                                  Doom and lc, lc especially, need to get the passive disable put back on their no ags ults to stop the relentless onslaught of right clickers every game.

                                                                                  Heroes such as jugg and pa are so successful because there is no way to counter their right click dog output once they have bkb to stop blade mail damage. An ability such as pre nerf duel which could disable critical was a necessity to keep the game balanced. Hopefully we'll see some change to the meta to get rid of the 4 carry 1 hard support line up in every pub game (4k)

                                                                                  @mcdisco I remember a simpler time of stomping br's and Russians in dota 1 with brood mid

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                                                                                  the gun of rambo

                                                                                    And even with the increase in win % on troll (I have an 80% winrate for ranked) I don't really see his popularity increasing that much or the winrate staying where it is. A majority of pub players don't understand how to play troll and instead try to play him like they would PA or AM or some other carry, and also don't take advantage of his great utility to create kills for other heroes such as slark who can benefit greatly from the attack speed burst.

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                                                                                      I really do In my opinion, Omniknight is way too overpowered.

                                                                                      His 1st skill is way too spammable when you have a Soul Ring. It gives your team a 360 heal and damage with an amazing low cooldown.

                                                                                      His 2nd skill basically is a 8-second BKB that has a cooldown of 14 seconds. Yes, Diffusal Blade purges it, but is it worth to still have it lategame considering the charges and the item slots?

                                                                                      His 3rd skill is basically a better version of the Eye of Skadi. Eye of Skadi gives a 36% movement slow while Omniknight's 3rd skill gives a 34% movement slow in an area around him.

                                                                                      His ultimate basically makes your team immune to physical attacks.

                                                                                      Please nerf Omniknight and please buff Tinker and Death Prophet a little.

                                                                                      Star Artsy

                                                                                        Lone Druids tend to farm all game and not help, and are incredibly predictable in that they'll be farming jungle all game.



                                                                                          Necrophos is often played as a position 1, the so nominated "carry". Getting him farm priority makes him the carry in a way since you are using resources so that he can carry the team later on. And a very farmed and well played necro can be more scary than a "regular" carry like AM or void. Or at least he will make you wait a week before you can play again. Despite not being that usual, necrophos can and is a good position 1, the game that comes to mind is Kuroky on secret, with n0tail's wisp backing him up (now N0Tail is out T_T).

                                                                                          As for the pub losers section, i feel kinda bad for some really strong heroes to be in that section. Maybe due to the fact that they can be somewhat countered in pubs or are tricky to play, as it was mentioned with Elder Titan. It is also kinda unnatural to see heroes with high winrate and popularity in the pro scene in the section of pub throwers (like batrider or doom), but it is almost common knowledge that the average pub will never be compared to pro, no matter how strong or common the heroes are in the pro scene.

                                                                                          All in all, i've enjoyed the last few patches. Afterall, icefrog knows what he does.


                                                                                            Abaddon is always a pub stomper since the beginning of his existence. lol


                                                                                              THANK YOU! Couldn't agree more with the Oracle points. He was one of my main heroes in DotA 1 and people literally have no idea what they are doing on that hero now...I guess he has to be in the category of, "disgustingly overpowered if you know how to play him" along with Kaolin i suppose.


                                                                                                Oracle ulti is kinda bullshit, can spam every 20 sec. Free invis, works like shallow grave and will wreck uncoordinated pub bcus no one bother to buy detection. Need to tone a down a bit.

                                                                                                eD #!nstinct™

                                                                                                  Alchemist is not a Repick hero!! Maybe it is just me, but I random all the time, and every time I get alchemist, I become so happy to have a hero who can farm for 15 minutes and then become unstoppable (literally). Once it hits level 6, the HP regen is just crazy. Easy farming with ult, extra gold with greevil's greed and midas, and you have a Mjollnir at 15 minutes!! A BKB is all you need after that to make the towers look paper.
                                                                                                  Agreeing to the fact that if not farmed properly for 1st 5 minutes may actually result in a lot of feed and ultimately a loss to the team, but definitely not a repick hero.

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                                                                                                  Il Separatio

                                                                                                    Where is Bounty Hunter? BibleThump


                                                                                                      ROFL GGWP